On May, 08 2023 15:56 (UTC) (in 1 year) paiN Gaming will fight against FaZe Clan in the Regular Phase of the 2023 BLAST Paris Major Counter-Strike 2 Tournament

Teams had 1 encounters in the past, paiN won 0 times. FaZe won 1 times.

paiN match roster is biguzera, nqz, kauez, lux, Snow.
FaZe roster is Karrigan, rain, frozen, ropz, broky.

Team paiN (rank #13) is 9 places beyond FaZe (rank #4).

paiN current winrate is 80.00% against FaZe's 50.00%.

paiN current streak is 1 loses against FaZe's 2 loses.