On April, 08 2024 04:28 (UTC) (2 months ago) Heroic and Team Liquid will play a match at the Regular Stage of the 2024 Intel Extreme Masters China Counter-Strike 2 Championship

Team Heroic (rank #12) is 2 places beyond Liquid (rank #10).

In the eyes of bookies the champion of this clash will be Heroic with the best odd of 1.81 offered by Pinnacle.

Heroic match line-up is nicoodoz, sjuush, Nertz, TeSeS, kyxsan.
Liquid line-up is NAF, cadiaN, Twistzz, YEKINDAR, skullz.

Liquid doing great by winning over 60.00% of their recent matches. While team Heroic performs with 50.00% winrate.

Previously team Heroic had won over team Liquid 6 times, while Team Liquid had 2 victories over Heroic.

Heroic had 2 wins in a row. Whereas team Liquid had 1 loses.