On April, 13 2024 14:50 (UTC) (2 months ago) at the Final Stage of the 2024 Skyesports Masters Counter-Strike 2 Championship Aurora Gaming and BetBoom will play a match

Teams had 2 encounters in the past, Aurora won 1 times. BB won 1 times.

Team Aurora is placed #28 among Counter-Strike 2 teams in ENSI.Rank which is 7 places lower than BB place #21.

Aurora match line-up is Lack1, KENSI, Norwi, deko, r3salt.
BB line-up is zorte, nafany, s1ren, KaiR0N, Magnojez.

Aurora current winrate is 50.00% against BB's 60.00%.

The top dog for this one most likely will be Aurora Gaming with maximum odd of 1.75 offered by Pinnacle.

Aurora current streak is 1 loses against BB's 1 loses.