On April, 17 2024 22:25 (UTC) (2 months ago) at the Qualifier Phase of the 2024 Esports World Cup Counter-Strike 2 Championship Made in Brazil and Red Canids will carry out a clash

Teams had 2 encounters in the past, MIBR won 2 times. RC won 0 times.

Team MIBR will be represented by exit, saffee, drop, brnz4n, insani. Whereas Team RC is by coldzera, hardzao, nython, dav1deuS, venomzera.

Team MIBR (rank #13) is 13 places above RC (rank #26).

MIBR current winrate is 50.00% against RC's 30.00%.

MIBR current streak is 1 loses against RC's 2 loses.