Match The Mongolz Mongolz vs BLEED Esports BLEED | 02.06

On June, 02 2024 10:11 (UTC) (2 weeks ago) The Mongolz and BLEED Esports will play a match within Final Stage of the 2024 MESA Nomadic Masters Spring Counter-Strike 2 Championship

Teams had 1 encounters in the past, Mongolz won 1 times. BLEED won 0 times.

Team Mongolz (rank #7) is 28 places above BLEED (rank #35).

Mongolz doing great by winning over 70.00% of their recent matches. While team BLEED performs with 60.00% winrate.

Mongolz match roster is bLitz, Techno4k, senzu, mzinho, 910.
BLEED roster is jkaem, hampus, nawwk, faveN, CYPHER.

The favorite for this one most likely will be The Mongolz with maximum odd of 1.14 offered by Pinnacle.

Mongolz had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team BLEED had 2 loses.