Match Hype vs paiN Gaming paiN | 08.06

On June, 08 2024 22:59 (UTC) (1 month ago) Hype goes up against paiN Gaming in the Regular Phase of the 2024 Regional Clash Arena South America Counter-Strike 2 Tournament

Hype current winrate is 30.00% against paiN's 70.00%.

Hype match line-up is leo_drk, MaLLby, history, vinaabEAST, rainnny.
paiN line-up is biguzera, nqz, kauez, lux, Snow.

Team Hype is ranked #329 among Counter-Strike 2 teams in ENSI.Rank which is 314 places lower than paiN place #15.

Teams had no previous encounters.

Hype current streak is 2 loses against paiN's 2 loses.