Match Legacy vs OMiT | 15.06

On June, 15 2024 20:29 (UTC) (in 3 weeks) Legacy and OMiT will play a match within Final Phase of the 2024 CCT Season 2 North American Series #1 Counter-Strike 2 Championship

Most of bookies agree that the team Legacy will prevail a Match with the best odd of 1.13 offered by Pinnacle.

Team Legacy (rank #31) is 156 places above OMiT (rank #187).

Legacy current streak is 1 wins against OMiT's 3 loses.

Teams had 2 encounters in the past, Legacy won 2 times. OMiT won 0 times.

Legacy match line-up is NEKIZ, dumau, b4rtiN, latto, saadzin.
OMiT line-up is Calamity, obi, kralz, N20AmZ, laxiee.

Legacy current winrate is 90.00% against OMiT's 50.00%.