Match Final Form FF vs Strife Esports Strife | 11.06

On June, 11 2024 20:30 (UTC) (6 days ago) within Regular Phase of the 2024 CCT Season 2 North American Series #1 Counter-Strike 2 Tournament Final Form and Strife Esports will play a match

Most of bookmakers believes that the team Strife Esports will prevail a Match with maximum odd of 1.30 offered by Pinnacle.

Teams had no previous encounters.

FF doing great by winning over 33.33% of their recent matches. While team Strife performs with 30.00% winrate.

Team FF (rank #207) is 49 places beyond Strife (rank #158).

FF match roster is cypress, raw1, mcniff, slump, Prs.
Strife roster is AAustiN, stamina, J0LZ, Saturn, SLIGHT.

FF current streak is 1 loses against Strife's 2 loses.