Match Limitless vs Perseverance Gaming Perseverance | 11.06

On June, 11 2024 17:25 (UTC) (6 days ago) at the Regular Phase of the 2024 CCT Season 2 North American Series #1 Counter-Strike 2 Championship Limitless and Perseverance Gaming will face in another clash

The favorite for this one looks to be Limitless with maximum odd of 1.56 offered by Pinnacle.

Team Limitless (rank #369) is 74 places beyond Perseverance (rank #295).

Limitless match line-up is DaneJoris, grape, Mellow, poseidoNN, xcape.
Perseverance line-up is SGM, JDubs, Andrew, Sandman, mason.

Teams had no previous encounters.

Perseverance doing great by winning over 40.00% of their recent matches. While team Limitless performs with 30.00% winrate.

Limitless had 3 loses in a row. Whereas team Perseverance had 1 loses.