Match Vikings KR VK KR vs Patins da Ferrari PdF | 01.07

On July, 01 2024 20:28 (UTC) (in 1 week) Vikings KR will fight against Patins da Ferrari in the Final Stage of the 2024 United21 South America: Season 1 Counter-Strike 2 Championship

The top dog for this one looks to be Patins da Ferrari with maximum odd of 1.71 offered by Pinnacle.

Team VK KR (rank #137) is 153 places above PdF (rank #290).

Teams had no previous encounters.

VK KR match line-up is remix, realziN, honda, ksloks, JLK.
PdF line-up is abr, CutzMeretz, Leomonster, desh, Alisson.

VK KR current winrate is 60.00% against PdF's 50.00%.

VK KR current streak is 1 loses against PdF's 3 loses.