On October, 22 2023 02:05 (UTC) (in 7 months) 9Pandas will fight against Gaimin Gladiators in the Final Stage of the 2023 The International Dota 2 Tournament

In the opinion of bookmakers the champion of this clash will be Gaimin Gladiators with the best odd of 1.42 offered by Pinnacle.

GG doing great by winning over 50.00% of their recent matches. While team 9P performs with 40.00% winrate.

Team 9P (rank #25) is 22 places beyond GG (rank #3).

Previously team 9P had won over team GG 1 times, while Gaimin Gladiators had 5 victories over 9Pandas.

9P match roster is Solo, Sayuw, kiyotaka, alberkaaa, DarkLord^.
GG roster is Ace, Seleri, Quinn, dyrachyo, tOfu.

9P current streak is 1 loses against GG's 1 loses.