On January, 13 2024 10:09 (UTC) (in 4 months) Team Spirit and Klim Sani4 will play a fight within Qualifier Stage of the 2024 DreamLeague Season 22 Dota 2 Tournament

In the opinion of bookmakers the champion of this clash will be Team Spirit with maximum odd of 1.06 offered by Pinnacle.

Team Spirit (rank #5) is 5 places beyond KS (rank #).

Spirit current winrate is 80.00% against KS's 80.00%.

Teams had no previous encounters.

Team Spirit will be represented by Miposhka, Collapse, Mira, Yatoro, larl. Whereas Team KS is by Munkushi~, Cloud, CHIRA_JUNIOR, swedenstrong, RESPECT.

Spirit current streak is 4 wins against KS's 4 wins.