On April, 06 2024 18:50 (UTC) (in 2 months) Team Spirit goes up against Entity in the Regular Phase of the 2024 Elite League Dota 2 Championship

Team Spirit is placed #6 among Dota 2 teams in ENSI.Rank which is 3 places lower than Entity place #3.

Spirit match line-up is Miposhka, Collapse, Mira, Yatoro, larl.
Entity line-up is No[o]ne-, DM, fishman, watson, Kataomi`.

Teams had 5 encounters in the past, Spirit won 4 times. Entity won 0 times.

Spirit current streak is 4 wins against Entity's 10 wins.

Entity doing well by winning over 100.00% of their recent matches. While team Spirit performs with 80.00% winrate.