On April, 08 2024 13:02 (UTC) (in 2 months) Team Liquid will fight against Tundra Esports in the Regular Phase of the 2024 Elite League Dota 2 Tournament

Teams had 26 encounters in the past, Liquid won 15 times. Tundra won 10 times.

Team Liquid will be represented by Nisha, iNsania, miCKe, 33, Boxi. Whereas Team Tundra is by RAMZES666, Topson, Whitemon, Pure, 9Class.

Team Liquid (rank #10) is 2 places beyond Tundra (rank #8).

Liquid current winrate is 30.00% against Tundra's 40.00%.

Liquid had 1 loses in a row. Whereas team Tundra had 1 wins.