On October, 24 2021 12:04 (UTC) (in 2 years) DAMWON KIA goes up against MAD Lions KOI in the Regular Stage of the 2021 World Championship League of Legends Championship

Team DWG.KIA (rank #) is 138 places above MDK (rank #138).

DWG.KIA match roster is Deft, ShowMaker, Kellin, Canyon, Canna.
MDK roster is Fresskowy, Supa, Elyoya, Myrwn, Alvaro.

DWG.KIA current streak is 2 loses against MDK's 3 loses.

Teams had 3 encounters in the past, DWG.KIA won 3 times. MDK won 0 times.

DWG.KIA current winrate is 60.00% against MDK's 30.00%.