Nikola “Niko” Kovac was born on February 16, 1997. He is a CS:GO esports player, who competes for the esports club G2. The Bosnian player is one of the richest CSGO athletes of our time. NiKo started playing competitive CS:GO since 2012 and up to our days he has maintained a phenomenal set of skills. In 2017 he became the player of the year, earning his Great Gamers Awards. NiKo’s achievements include:

  • holding the record for most kills in a map in a Major tournament, with 52 kills at MLG Columbus 2016;

  • being the first player to win more than one HLTV MVP awards over 3 consecutive years.

NiKo has played in 8 CSGO clubs since the start of his early career. Those include:

  • iNation;


  • Team Refuse;

  • GamePub;

  • Aimface;

  • Mousesports;

  • FaZe Clan;

  • G2 Esports.

NiKo’s approximate total winnings exceed the $964,317 USD. Currently at G2, he still continues to amaze the fans with his impactful plays from tournament to tournament.