Bob “Bob” Tran is a Valorant player, born in Australia. Bob has been in competitive Valorant since 2020. He was a member of EXO Clan at first, before moving to Susquehanna Soniqs and then eventually to Cloud9 white in June 2022. Total earnings in Valorant prize pools have exceeded 10,400 USD. Bob took the 1st place with his team in many B and C tier tournaments, including:

  • LPL Spring Cup Challenger 2020;

  • First Strike Oceania;

  • NSG Summer Championship Open 8;

  • VCT Game Changers Academy: July 2021;

  • BoomTV Proving Grounds 2021;

  • VCT NA Game Changers Series 2.

Favorite agents of the player are Fade, Kay/o and Sova. The main agent is Fade, with 65,4% pick rate. Before Fade’s release the player relied mostly on Kay/o.