The battleground is set in Copenhagen's Royal Arena, where The International 2024 heralds the return of Dota 2's most prestigious tournament to Europe this September. Sixteen elite teams will contend for glory, selected through Valve's reintroduction of the independent direct invitation system, reminiscent of the tournament's early years. For 2024 TI, teams will qualify through open qualifiers, regional qualifiers, and direct invitations, with Valve meticulously evaluating performances throughout the year to determine the worthy contenders. As teams prepare to clash, anticipation crackles through the air, fueled by a packed calendar of major tournaments around the Globe. From open qualifiers to regional showdowns, the path to 2024 TI promises fierce competition and strategic mastery. Fans around the globe await the spectacle unfolding, as Dota 2's finest converge to battle for the revered Championship Trophy.