Here are this week's best 10 cosplay pictures for 21 August 2023. 


Character: Astarion 1

Let's start the week off with Astarion!

Yuna Kairi 

 Character: Templar Assassin 

Templar Assassin cosplay

Here's a sexy templar again to the delight of subscribers 💜


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Character: Luna 

Luna cosplay

Latex? I say 'yes' 💙 Just backstage of shooting with Luna from Dota 2 Where's my Nova? 🌚


Character: Jill Valentine  

Jill Valentine resident evil cosplay

Stay close to Jill Valentine. 

Asami Gate cosplay 

Character: Triss

Triss The Witcher 3 cosplay

Third photo set of the month and a bonus for all subscribers ❤️


Character:  A2 

A2 NieR Automata cosplay

A2 in the NieR: Automata universe.

Deadline Girl

Character: Kitana 

Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay

I am in love with this shoot 💜💜💜

Alex Wolf

Character: Johnny Silverhand 

Johnny Silverhand Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay

The day Arasaka got nuked. The day i died. F**k the System. F**k corpos! F**k Arasaka! 


Character:  Mercedes Cortez

Mercedes Cortez GTA Vice City cosplay

The remaster we deserve 💪

Lady Melamori 

Character: Cammy White 

Cammy White Street Fighter cosplay


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Main image: Instagram