Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a multiplayer-only installment in the famous series of first-person shooters. It does not include a single player option.


The players control their characters from the first person view and fight each other in teams or individually using various firearms. While the basics of the game are the same as in previous Black Ops games, there are some additions and some subtractions. The health regeneration was scrapped, and instead, each player has a health pack that he or she must use manually. Advanced movement and wall-running also do not appear in this game.

The game reintroduces Specialists, who are characters with unique skills. There are ten types of Specialists, with the game introducing four completely new types: Ajax, Crash, Recon, and Torque. The players can customize their Specialists using the Pick 10 system of class creation. Black Ops 4 also includes some of the popular maps from the previous games.


Alongside traditional multiplayer mode, which is the main mode in Black Ops 4, the game features several specific modes. There's the Zombies mode in which the players battle against a horde of zombies. For the first time in the Call of Duty series Black Ops 4 introduces the popular Battle Royale mode under the name of Blackout. It allows a deathmatch between up to 100 players that can form teams of up to 4.

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