Taylor Swift is so big of a mainstream culture phenomenon that even we can't avoid mentioning her success. Her most recent release, called Tortured Poets Department, breaks all possible records. We're still less than seven days since it is available for everyone to enjoy, yet it has already gained the status of the most listened-to album on Spotify, with more than one billion total streams shared between thirty-one tracks.

The T. P. D. also destroyed all previous records with more than 300M streams on the first day. This lifted the bar set by her previous albums even higher.

Track "Fortnight" boasts the number one stats for the most streamed song during 24 hours after its release. Funnily, the track doesn't have a direct connection to the phenomenal battle royale title from Epic Games. But you'll be wrong to think that Swift did not mention any games on T.P.D. In a track called So High School, she mentions another iconic franchise:

Truth, dare, spin bottles, you know how to ball, I know Aristotle, brand new, full-throttle, touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto.

Critics generally received this release positively, reflected in its Metacritic rating of 77 points.

Main image: Ensiplay