Fortnite has entered a new epoch with the arrival of the "Myths and Mortals" season, plunging players into a world inspired by mythology, tales of Olympus, and the Pantheon of gods. Since March 8, fans explore revamped locations, confront the mighty inhabitants of Olympus, and even don the divine skins of these celestial beings.

🌍 Revamped Terrain: The Fortnite map has undergone significant transformations, introducing areas inspired by the myths of Mount Olympus, the Great Gates guarded by Cerberus, and the Dark Realm of Hades. These new locations are visually distinct from anything previously seen in the game. Many players have embraced this bold move, appreciating the game's evolution and the developers' willingness to experiment.

🎮 Gameplay: Players can battle Ares in the gladiatorial arena. New challenges, tasks, equipment, and aerial chariot battles are available. There's also a new unique weapon — Zeus's lightning and the wings of Icarus.

👑 Skins: "Myths and Mortals" Battle Pass owners gain exclusive access to ancient Greek god skins, along with unique weapon models: shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. Each Fortnite season features humorous skins, which are not always popular among players, but such designs have become the company's hallmark. This time, Poseidon has been transformed into a buffed-up slime.

Fortnite PoseidonImage: youtube.comThe gaming community has already had a chance to evaluate the innovations. People enjoy the new terrain for its abundance of hiding spots, and the updated landscape adds dynamism to shootouts. However, some players wish for more ways to navigate the vertical terrain, as not everyone can handle the new challenges.

Main image: Fortnite