The medieval city-building strategy game Manor Lords has been purchased on Steam over a million times. The game achieved this milestone less than 48 hours after its early access launch. Hooded Horse, which published the title, boasted such an impressive number.

Manor Lords' peak concurrent player count on Steam exceeded 170,000. Hooded Horse stated that this is the number one figure for city-building simulators, 4X strategies, and similar games of all time. For comparison, Sid Meier's Civilization VI in the same category has a peak of 162,000.

Sales of Manor Lords have surpassed a million copies even though the game has been available for download to PC Game Pass subscribers since its release.

The developers of Manor Lords do not yet know when the full version will be released. According to the description on Steam, the game will remain in early access for about a year, but this timeline may change based on feedback.

At the time of writing, Manor Lords on Steam had over 16,000 reviews, 89% of which were positive.

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