The Zeus x27 taser in CS2 has become a controversial weapon. Since its introduction into the game, many gamers did not understand its purpose. To clarify, a taser is a weapon that incapacitates a target not with a bullet but with a high-voltage electric shock. While the operating principle is clear, its implementation in the game was odd.

Previously, the Zeus x27 could only kill an opponent when hitting certain body parts, which contradicted the very foundation of this weapon. It was strange that a colossal electric shock could kill with a headshot but miraculously leave the opponent alive if it hit the leg. Moreover, the Zeus x27 was a one-time use weapon, making its purchase nonsensical in most matches.

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The patch released on February 16th made significant changes to the use of the Zeus x27. First, the gun is no longer single-use. It can be purchased after death, offering more possibilities. Second, the Zeus x27 has become a lethal weapon. A shot now guarantees the killing of an opponent, regardless of where the projectile hits.

These innovations have led many to wonder: will the Zeus x27 become the new meta? Experienced players agree that the Zeus x27 will likely remain a niche weapon.

The taser's reload time is a whole 30 seconds, rendering it impractical in fast-paced matches. Yes, the Zeus x27 guarantees a kill, but hitting the enemy is necessary, and there's no room for error. Additionally, the Zeus x27 still does not award money for eliminating an enemy.

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