Great games can be created by great developers, but they become truly legendary when the community generates new content and keeps them alive. Counter-Strike is an example of such a legendary game. Did you know that one of the maps in the current competitive map pool was created during a mapping contest?

Now, Mapcore, a community that develops new content for Counter-Strike, has announced a contest with a prize pool of $15,000. The author of a best 5v5 bomb defuse or hostage-rescue scenario map will receive $7,500. In total, there will be four prizes.

How does it work? Before August 4, everyone is able to submit their works as long as they are not remakes of older maps or have not been previously submitted to the workshop. A special group of judges, led by FMPONE (creator of Cache, Season and Santorini), will give scores based on originality and map design.

Those who pass the first stage will have six more months to optimize their maps with the help of community feedback. After that, the ten best maps will enter the final stage of the contest. The winners will be revealed on May 4, 2025.

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