Valve has launched a significant update titled A Call of Arms for CS2. Let's take a look at the key changes:

  • The "Arms Race" mode has returned. Enemy progress can be stolen using a knife and the "Zeus" shocker.
  • The "Zeus" now has a 40-second cooldown. Additionally, the weapon now supports stickers.
  • The weapon customization process has been improved.
  • The release of Kilowatt — the first case designed for CS2, featuring 17 community-created skins.
  • The Ambush Sticker Capsule and NIGHTMODE Music Kit Box with music and stickers were also released.

Contents of the Kilowatt case include:


CS2Image credit: Steam


CS2Image credit: Steam


CS2Image credit: Steam


CS2Image credit: Steam

Kukri Knife 

Valve has released a major update for CS2Image credit: Steam

And other types of weapons. 

Let's look at other important changes:

  • Smoke grenades have been improved. Shadows have been added.
  • A new animation for agents after losing a match has been introduced.
  • Now you can hear your own voice in the microphone, and additional settings for input devices have been added.
  • A console command cl_ticktiming has been added, which will indicate the reasons for delay.
  • The ranking range for playing together in Premier mode has been adjusted.
  • Details on Inferno, Ancient, Anubis, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo, Italy, Office have been changed.
  • Grenade bounce has been improved, weapons will no longer fall outside textures, and getting stuck while crouching has been fixed. 

You can view the full list of changes here.

Main image by ensiplay