Based on community feedback, it's clear that CS2 is still far from perfect. While some may already enjoy the game to some extent, others call it a "demo version" of a full game and, overall, an indecent joke by Valve. Nevertheless, the developers see this reaction and regularly release patches to fix errors.

Another patch has been released, weighing about 1.6 GB. It brought both bug fixes and map updates:

  • The sequence of spawn points is now configured at the beginning of the map and preserved. Random spawn locations after death will no longer occur;
  • Fixed the appearance of a black screen after connecting during a technical timeout;
  • Corrected an error in interaction with the bot respawn algorithm after reconnecting;
  • Fixed a bug in "Deathmatch" mode, where kills during warm-up counted towards the reward for the medical syringe and bonus for kills with Zeus x27;
  • Players no longer jump higher at low frame rates;

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  • Servers no longer ignore weapon switching;
  • Fixed frame drop issues;
  • Corrected a situation where some players in North America could not accept a match on a server in Europe because the Steam Datagram Relay chose the wrong route;
  • Players in competitive matches will receive a ban for excessive suicides;
  • Adjusted tracking of player inactivity. The game will not count buy time and timeouts;
  • Chickens can no longer interact with dropped weapons;
  • Updated maps Anubis, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo.

Main image by ensiplay