A new mod for Elden Ring adds what many players have been missing — adorable capybaras! The creative addition replaces the usual goats, deer, and boar of the open world with the large rodents. Even your trusty steed Torrent is transformed into a massive capybara for you to gallop across the Lands Between. Additionally, the mod renames the Limgrave location to Capybara Island, creating a unique atmosphere.

During game loading screens, you'll be greeted by adorable images with interesting facts about the rodents. One text mentions how other animals, like birds and monkeys, often use capybaras as living furniture.

While the Capybara Island mod is brand new, it's already won over players. Reviews are mostly positive, with gamers noting the capybaras bring a fresh, upbeat vibe to Elden Ring. However, download numbers are still low, perhaps because not all players know of its existence as it's so recent. We may see more such mods in the future, adding unexpected and delightful elements to the popular dark fantasy.

Main image: haligtrees, X.com