Lego Fortnite has gained immense popularity. The combination of Lego's style and the Survival genre has attracted many players unfamiliar with Fortnite. This free mode has managed to balance simple entertainment for the whole family with engaging survival in a vast world full of challenges.

Fans quickly realized that Lego Fortnite would be consistently updated and expanded. The project has a gigantic, practically endless potential. Players are given creative freedom, which is highly valued today. Fans were not mistaken, and the game received two new modes within Lego Fortnite.

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In Lego Raft Survival, players will embark on a sea voyage. This multiplayer mode will feature battles with pirates and other players. You will need to make your raft and start a survival journey, gradually creating a full-fledged ship. The mode even includes a boss — Blackbeard.

Obby Fun is a Lego version of the game Fall Guys. Developers claim that the levels were assembled by real Lego masters and there are over 300 such levels. Together with friends, you will need to overcome obstacles and closely interact with each other.

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