On the SteamDB auxiliary service, one can view a ranking of the most anticipated games. The resulting picture surprises some and impresses others. However, everyone expected the title Black Myth: Wukong to top Steam's most wished-for games list.

After the release of Hades 2, the game about the Monkey King confidently took the first place, with 318,000 users adding it to their wishlists. Its release is scheduled for August 20, 2024.

Black Myth WukongImage: EnsiplayTop 5 most anticipated games on Steam in 2024, by number of wishlists and release dates:

The Chinese mythology-based title is so highly anticipated that it surpassed fan favorites like Hollow Knight: Silksong, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, and ARK 2, which gamers have been waiting years for. Perhaps announcing sequels to popular franchises at the idea stage should be avoided, and then the scales might tip the other way.

Main image: Ensiplay