A Baldur's Gate 3 player discovered a unique method to gain 1000 experience points in a single battle. However, it required them to kill one of the companions.

Warning! The text contains game spoilers, revealing the identity of one of the companions. If you're worried about spoiling your gameplay experience, read at your own risk.

The method was found by user Dizak55 and described on Reddit. In multiplayer mode, players need to reach the point where the mage Gale begins asking for artifacts to feed the emptiness inside him. The player decided that refusing to give magical items to Gale meant that he wouldn't hand over the artifacts, but his friends could. However, Gale ran away from the camp. From this moment, an adventure branch is added to the storyline, where it's possible to meet and kill the legendary mage, granting the group 1000 XP.

The method's author suggested making a save roll and attempting to attack the level 20 mage with a level 6 squad. By successfully rolling D20 dice checks, the company overcame the wizard and gained a lot of experience.

Baldur's Gate 3Image by Ensiplay

Baldur's Gate 3 — the legend of 2023, is so far the best project from Larian Studios. Everything is based on the DnD game, including the possibility to perform dice checks in dialogues and battles. This allows players to explore the world from a new perspective. You might miss a hidden stash or stumble upon an ambush. Throughout the adventure, you gather companions into your squad. 

Depending on the decisions made, they can become friends, enemies, lovers. There's a chance that companions will leave you mid-game or at the end if they stop approving of the decisions you make.

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