It's no longer surprising that the release of Season 9 in Overwatch 2 received mixed reviews. Many updates in the game were met with criticism, which has become a tradition. However, there was something that players did like — the new mythic skins.

They had appeared in the game before but had not caused much excitement. This is mainly due to the content being seen as secondary and its price. Unfortunately, the game's policy is such that access to epic skins requires purchasing a battle pass, which irritates fans.

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The new mythic skins of Season 9 have acquired interesting features. As before, they change not only the look but also the animations; however, this time the changes have become more noticeable. Also, a mythic skin can change the voice-over of the character. Players had already seen all this, but their attention was captured by the new Ancient Caller mythic skin for Moira.

The design turned out to be very high quality and stands out the most among similar content. Enthusiasts made a special video comparing the animations of the standard hero and the mythic skin. Even without going into details, it's evident that Moira's behavior has changed. The character makes smoother movements and looks more mysterious and sinister.

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