As a Christmas gift for 2023, Blizzard is giving away a snowflake weapon charm along with a holiday message to players for free. Players did not particularly appreciate this gift. 

Reddit user Dinkin shared a screenshot of the message, sarcastically stating that the company put a lot of effort into giving a holiday gift this year. Other users agreed with this sentiment. Although players generally like free cosmetics, this particular type of skin is almost unnoticeable, so it's understandable why many were disappointed.

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However, the Winter Fair Pass is still active in Overwatch 2, allowing players to unlock exclusive seasonal cosmetics by playing a sufficient number of games. They don’t even have to win, which is a plus.

When it comes to cosmetics, disappointment with Christmas gifts is not the only problem plaguing Blizzard. The company has faced criticism for other holiday-themed skins, especially the skins for Pharah and Kiriko, which, as many noted, were simply a palette swap of previous skins. 

Blizzard is trying to compensate for this with various bonuses when these skins are equipped. But for some players, having different outfit options is still important.

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