Overwatch 2 is facing dramatic changes. According to the Bloomberg report by Jason Schreier, the members of the Overwatch 2 team received a shocking bonus of 0%. Schreier provides details that might explain the recent announcement of moving heroes away from battle passes.

So, what were the reasons behind switching the business model? According to the report, Overwatch 2 had poor financial performance. Because Activision recently switched the model of bonuses from the company’s success to the lone franchise’s success, the fact that Overwatch 2 team developers will not receive any bonuses should worry fans of this game.

Blizzard HeadquartersBlizzard Headquarters. Image: Blizzard

Schreier also reported that Overwatch 2 completely moved away from the PvE content as the majority of the team behind it was laid off. The company will heavily focus on the competitive side of the game. 

Yet, even though the game is not performing as well as expected, there is some optimism among the development team. The pivot to PvP might only bring the needed comeback of the franchise - of course, if key staff members don’t quit before it, being demotivated by the lack of bonuses.

Main image: alphacoders