Sea of Stars, the captivating indie game by Sabotage Studio, has achieved a remarkable milestone by amassing a dedicated player base of over 5 million within its first year of release. Inspired by this outstanding success, the creative team behind the retro-inspired RPG has announced their ambitious plans to introduce a highly anticipated multiplayer mode.

Sea of Stars coop playImage: youtube.comAccording to a recent press release, Sabotage Studio is actively working on enhancing the game's experience by developing a cooperative play feature. This addition will allow up to three players to join forces and embark on the pixelated adventure together, all on a single screen. The studio aims to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared nostalgia as friends explore the game's charming world side by side.

Sea of Stars coop playImage: youtube.comWhile the specifics of the multiplayer implementation remain under wraps, the developers have assured fans that they will provide regular updates on the progress of this exciting new feature. As anticipation builds, players can look forward to diving deeper into the enchanting realm of Sea of Stars, now with the opportunity to create lasting memories with friends as they uncover the game's secrets together.

A glimpse of the new mode can be seen in an 8-second teaser:

Sabotage Studio pays close attention to details and execution quality. Therefore, it's expected that the multiplayer in Sea of Stars will be implemented at a high level and become an organic addition.

Sea of Stars is a pixel adventure that captivates from the first moments and holds your attention until the very end. Retro graphics, RPG elements, and a deep storyline will not leave players indifferent. The game is made with love and attention to detail. The title is available on PC and consoles.

The cooperative mode may introduce new game mechanics and elements that allow players to interact with each other and coordinate their actions. There might be special cooperative attacks or abilities that require teamwork.

Main image: Ensiplay