Before the start of the tenth competitive season in Overwatch 2, game developers revealed to us the new 40th character. Venture arrives on the battlefield on April 16th, but from March 28th to 31st, players will have the opportunity to test the hero before release.

Blizzard had previously teased Venture, but this is the first time they've shown the hero's gameplay abilities in action. The character will be able to use an excavator to move underground. This ability allows the hero to tunnel under enemies and knock them back. Judging from the trailer, Venture is a highly mobile character.

Venture should be available to all players for free, as Blizzard announced earlier that it would stop locking new heroes behind a battle pass.

Also, it may seem like developers hid a new map teaser in this trailer. Some people discuss that we might soon receive a Temple of Anubis, an iconic Assault map which was removed due to the game rebalancing. Now, it may return in one way or another. We look forward to seeing what Blizzard prepared for its fans.

Main image: PlayOverwatch