To celebrate the 10th season of Overwatch 2, GamePass Ultimate owners can get an exclusive set of 3 beautiful skins:

  • Medusa Widowmaker (LEGENDARY),
  • Junker Queen Executioner (LEGENDARY),
  • Visual K Kiriko (EPIC).

This is a great way to decorate your account and add uniqueness. The set is available in the GamePass Ultimate perks section in the Xbox app until June 19th. Don't forget to activate the rewards by June 26th by logging into the game. The easiest way to get the set is through the mobile app. Authorize, check the perks section, and select the offer you need.

Visual K KirikoVisual K KirikoImage: Visual K Kiriko, battle.netPlayers on social media are thrilled, they loved the character designs, and some even joked that the company finally learned how to make beautiful skins that you want to grab and play with.

Junker Queen ExecutionerImage: Junker Queen Executioner,  Such a gift will be a great incentive for players who haven't purchased a GamePass Ultimate subscription yet but play Overwatch 2 and vice versa. GamePass owners may be interested in the title due to the desire to access exclusive content. 

Medusa WidowmakerImage: Medusa Widowmaker,  This move may help Microsoft increase the number of subscriptions and strengthen its position in the gaming services market.

Main image: Ensiplay