The Embracer Group has agreed to sell Gearbox to Take-Two for $460 million. The news has caused a Mandela effect for some, as the two companies have long been collaborators. Take-Two's impressive portfolio has now been expanded with the rights to successful franchises like Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and Duke Nukem.

The Embracer Group acquired Gearbox in 2021 for a total deal value of $1.3 billion, with Embracer paying $363 million upfront and an additional $1 billion tied to the achievement of various goals over the next six years. Gearbox is currently developing shooters Borderlands 4 and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2, as revealed in the resume of a former employee who listed these projects in their portfolio while working with Lost Boys Interactive.

There is a risk that the new leadership could influence the direction of Gearbox's existing franchises, which may not be well-received by some fans, even considering the companies' previous collaboration. Mergers and acquisitions often lead to corporate restructuring, which can result in job losses for some employees.

Main image: Ensiplay