The Apex Legends Three Strikes LTM and the new Rumble beta version under the Urban Assault collection event have been launched. It will run until May 6th. For players, this means new content and opportunities, while for developers, it's a headache and errors. The developers have decided to remove Valkyrie from the mode due to an ultimate bug that was reviving players in random map locations. The reasons for this are still unclear, but the studio is continuing to investigate the issue. As a result, the heroine had to be temporarily removed from LTM.

Apex Legends ValkyrieImage: EnsiplayValkyrie, introduced in Season 9, quickly became one of the most popular legends thanks to her high mobility and versatility. Her temporary removal from the mode may significantly impact the metagame. Players will have to adapt and find alternative strategies without the key character. However, the heroine is still available in other modes: Mixtape and Ranked. This will allow users to continue honing their skills with her while Respawn works on fixing the error.

Valkyrie's removal may also lead to an increase in popularity of other support legends, such as Lifeline and Newcastle, especially considering the quick revive mechanic in the "Three Strikes" mode. Players may have to reassess their preferences and experiment with new team compositions.

Main image: Ensiplay