On March 13th, during the Apex Legends Global Series championship with a $5 million prize, two professional players suddenly found themselves with cheats. One was given auto-aim, and the other the ability to see through walls. A week later, a hacker with the username Destroyer2009 admitted that he did it "just for fun".

Though, there was also a "higher purpose": the hackers wanted the developer to patch security flaws in the game. Moreover, the hacker stated that he targeted two specific players and that his actions gave the tournament free views.

Hackers, deciding to "have fun", interfered with the course of the tournament and violated the principles of fair play, which is unacceptable in professional esports. Furthermore, claims of a "higher purpose" and "free views" seem unconvincing and cannot justify such actions. If they genuinely wanted to help developers improve game security, they could have reported the issues directly, without resorting to hacking the tournament.

 Apex LegendsImage: youtube.comEven anonymity on the internet does not absolve people of responsibility for their actions in digital space. Any actions taken "for fun" must be carefully considered, especially if they affect other people. The gaming community hopes that measures will be taken to prevent similar situations in the future and ensure the fairness of esports competitions.

Main image: Ensiplay