Respawn Entertainment has unveiled a gameplay trailer for the Upheaval season of Apex Legends and shared details about it a few days before its start, as the update will hit servers on May 7. 

A key feature of the update will be a solo takeover, which will return to the online shooter until June 24.

With the patch, a new legend will also appear in the game — a Void Breacher nicknamed Alter. She will also be able to see the contents of death boxes and create portals that pass through surfaces.

The developers will add customizable artifacts to the shooter. Their elements can be enhanced using special components, which altogether will offer more than 200 combinations.

Shattered Moon will once again be available in Apex Legends. The map will return in a significantly altered form. The developers have updated its visual style and added several large areas, underground passages, and additional routes.

The studio stated that they have also made minor changes to the gameplay, inviting players to discover them independently.

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