Earlier, we wrote that NASA had decided to announce a solar eclipse through the popular games Minecraft and Fortnite. On April 8, a rare astronomical event occurred that could be observed by the planet's inhabitants. In the afternoon, American time, a total solar eclipse was observed, during which the Sun, Moon, and Earth intersected in one place. 

NASA reported that the total solar eclipse on the American continent began to be observed in North America from 14:00 Eastern European time. In Chicago, a "black sun" also appeared, with 94% of the sun hidden, 93% in Boston and 90% in New York.

NASA "Look Up!"Image: twitch.tvNASA launched the "Look Up!" campaign in America's most popular games: Minecraft and Fortnite with well-known streamers from Twitch. The bloggers who participated in the event learned together with the viewers, solved puzzles and answered questions about solar eclipses.

It is known that looking directly at a total solar eclipse without glasses or other devices is dangerous for eye health. A total solar eclipse was not observed on the Eurasian continent. This campaign was designed to explain why a total solar eclipse occurs, share various information, and give everyone a chance to experience the total solar eclipse, at least through the game.

The campaign was conducted jointly by NASA and the National Education Association of the USA (NEA). The American space agency partnered with Twitch, Microsoft, Epic Games, and Nation to implement this initiative.

Main image: Ensiplay