Although Fortnite is more than six years old, Epic Games does an excellent job of keeping the game fresh and fun. In the latest update, v.29.20, the new season of Rocket Racing started.

Five new tracks (Jackrabbit, Tri-city, Slap Happy, Conduit, Delirium) appeared in the ranked map pool. However, each of them requires a different rank to be unlocked. Jackrabbit is available to those players of Bronze and higher, while Delirium, for example, is available for Diamond+ ranked players.

Another great news is that Rocket Racing mode appeared in Unreal Editor for Fortnite. That means that the community will have the ability to create maps and run competitions on them. This novelty reminds us of Trackmania, the game where the community plays the biggest role in keeping itself entertained by hosting custom cups and creating custom maps.

Also, the game will have a special Avatar the Last Airbender event, which starts this Friday. Some of the skins, however, are already in the game. You can buy Katara, Zuko and Toph. Fans of Aang, rejoice. Your time is coming! 

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