Starting from May 6th, all new players of Helldivers 2 on PC will have to link their Steam profile to a PSN account. As explained by Sony, the linking after the release was not mandatory due to technical issues, but now it will be.

Starting from May 30th, all Steam players will see an unavoidable PSN login window. They will need to link their platform accounts by June 4th.steam announcementImage:

According to Sony, linking accounts will enhance security and allow for the blocking of offenders, as well as provide banned users the opportunity to appeal decisions.

In fact, the requirement has existed since the release, but due to technical issues, the linking was made optional. Because of this, many players were not aware of the condition at all.

Players have widely criticized the company's decision because creating a PSN account is unavailable in several regions, including countries in Africa, the Baltic countries, and the Philippines.

Players can create an account by specifying a different region, but in such cases, Sony reserves the right to block the account for providing false information, according to the rules.

Some players who have had unproblematic access to Helldivers 2 on PC through Steam may lose it because the PSN system does not support their region.

As of May 4th, Steam users have left over four thousand negative reviews about Helldivers 2. Many say that if mandatory linking to a PSN account is implemented, they will attempt to request a refund for the game.

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