Super Earth government issued an official announcement to democracy supporters: bugs in Helldivers 2 have been vanquished. However, leadership warns it is not time to relax. The next target will be automatons seeking to establish dominance throughout the entire cosmos. News on the virtual world's events can be followed on the official Super Earth TikTok account.

Online debates have been raging for several days about flying creatures attacking players, with creators denying everything, but some experienced gamers, at the cost of their lives, managed to capture a moment of strange blue flashes in the sky and unidentified monsters.

Helldivers 2 became a very successful game in February 2024, quickly breaking into the top Steam online rankings, as well as, according to gaming market researchers, topping revenue charts for Sony consoles and PC in the US and UK. Periodically, a game master enters online, managing the galactic war, sometimes rising in the middle of the night to provide automatons with more reinforcements, so players cannot capture the planet too quickly

Main image: Ensiplay