If you're a fan of cooperative shooters, then you're probably familiar with Helldivers 2 a game where you and your friends fight for democracy in a galaxy overrun by hostile races. Released on PC and PS5 at the beginning of the year, this wonderful game has received positive reviews from both critics and players. However, many were eagerly awaiting one feature that would help in the battle against giant bugs, the EXO-45 Patriot mechs, which were shown in the trailer but not included in the game. 

Finally, the Swedish developers have shared exciting news about the mechs' imminent arrival in the game on their social networks.

Mechs are combat "skeletons" that are operated by humans from the cockpit or remotely that enable players to move quickly and agilely across various planets, fire from a powerful minigun and rocket launcher, and deal with large and dangerous enemies. The mechs were spotted in the trailer but were not available to players in the initial version of the game. 

Helldivers 2Image: youtube.com Helldivers 2 

The developers explained that such mechanics require additional work and optimization but promised to add them to the game. We eagerly await the opportunity to don an exosuit and continue the fight for democracy in the galaxy.

Main image by Ensiplay