After the April 11th update, which introduced sandstorms and blizzards, fire damage in Helldivers 2 was significantly increased. Players quickly voiced their concerns, calling for a nerf due to the near-instantaneous death it caused, even for characters equipped with heavy armor.

Reddit user shared a video showcasing their character succumbing to fire damage despite having full health and minimal contact with the flames. Some players speculate that this extreme damage is a bug that developer Arrowhead Game Studios can easily address. Helldivers 2 already presents numerous ways to meet an untimely demise, particularly on higher difficulty levels. Characters can drown in lakes, stumble upon explosive vegetation, or fall victim to friendly fire or mistimed drop pod landings.

Helldivers 2 fireImage: EnsiplayResponding to the community outcry, the studio has promised to reduce the excessive fire damage. This announcement came from the ever-helpful community manager, Thomas Petersson (known as Twinbeard on Discord), who maintains consistent communication with players and regularly addresses their inquiries. In addition to the fire damage nerf, Petersson acknowledged the issues with cross-platform friend invites and assured players that the team is actively working on a solution.

Main image: Ensiplay