The head of Battlestate Games, Nikita Buyanov, published a statement addressing the scandal surrounding the release of The Unheard Edition, priced at $250. The Escape from Tarkov director apologized to the players and noted that he had learned from this situation.

Buyanov also discussed several significant changes related to the future of the title:

  • Those who paid the hefty sum to acquire the Edge of Darkness edition will get PvE content, but not immediately. The developer stated that they don't have enough servers, so they will roll out the access in waves. 
  • The Unheard Edition, priced at $250, will not be removed from sale. The developers will keep it available so that those interested can support the project.
  • Items and bonuses from The Unheard and Edge of Darkness editions are to be rebalanced. 
  • The priority matchmaking is going to be scrapped. Additionally, more unique items will be added to the EoD edition. The exact details are yet to be known as the changelog is not finalized.

Buyanov stated the team continues to work on upcoming patches, content, and the release version regardless of the recent events.

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