Battlestate Games has released a new trailer for Escape from Tarkov. It is dedicated to The Unheard Edition, which became available on April 25.

The main feature of The Unheard Edition is the inclusion of a PvE mode with progression retention even after wipes. Additionally, purchasers of this new edition will gain access to all shooter quests, unique equipment, increased stash and pockets size, as well as improved starting gear.

This release of the new edition has not just upset many Escape from Tarkov fans; it has truly enraged them. They are unhappy that the developers are showing such disrespect towards old players who previously purchased the now-discontinued Edge of Darkness edition. 

Users also noted that The Unheard Edition seems similar to an unofficial SPT mod. Gamers are actively comparing Battlestate Games to Electronic Arts, suggesting that both frequently extract money from players in similar ways. Furthermore, many felt that The Unheard Edition provides too significant advantages over other editions. Criticism also targeted the cost: $250 is not a cheap price tag.

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