The renowned shooter, known for its challenging gameplay, Escape from Tarkov, will soon receive a major update that, among other things, will remove snow from the game. In patch, which will be the largest update since the Christmas wipe, players will have to say goodbye to the snow cover that blanketed Norvinsk in Escape from Tarkov. This is good news for those who detest winter in all its forms, as the green forests will return.

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For some, the introduction of snow in Escape from Tarkov was an unwelcome event. It made players much harder to hear, which, of course, affected the gameplay. For others, however, it was a wonderful addition. It took the grim landscape and made it more beautiful, adding a fresh aesthetic to the game. It's worth noting that everything was done with quality and appropriateness. It was thematic and a pleasant change because it offered attractive views on most of the shooter's maps.

Recently, Battlestate Games announced that the snow would disappear after the release of update for Escape from Tarkov.

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